Research & Development Officer

Research and Development Officer -Position Description and Objectives
Updated 17th May 2010 by Paul McMorran

Reports to: CEO and management

Bulleen Art & Garden aims to provide its customers with an evolving experience every time they visit the nursery or our website. Our continued focus is the creation and inspiration of positive environmental and community outcomes.

As the Research and Development Officer, your role is critical in the continual development of BAAG, so that we can remain relevant into the future and attempt to become a leader in the garden industry and the greater community.

General Guidelines
The role of Research and Development Officer is extremely variable in both the areas research and the day to day activities that you are required to partake in. Priorities and work programs are set by the CEO and management. The scope of each project, estimated budget and timelines will all be determined prior to the commencement of any works after discussion between the CEO, section manager and yourself. It is your responsibility to report to management on the progress of all projects that you are currently involved in.

For many of the projects that you are involved in, it is your responsibility to take the project from concept to completion. This will require you to have a strong ability to project manage and communicate with staff, suppliers and contractors to achieve the desired outcomes.

The education of staff is a key area of development for any retail garden centre. At BAAG we place a large emphasis on ensuring that all staff have access to the most up to date sustainable gardening information available. Keeping staff informed on any advances at the nursery or outside of it is critical. You are required to discuss updates with staff at our monthly staff meetings and may, on occasion need to create meetings with staff from particular sections of the nursery to discuss improvements on a more in depth level.

It is expected that as the R&D Officer you will be improving the systems in place at BAAG so we can collectively spend a greater amount of time and energy focused on developing the centre rather than the day to day tasks.

You are encouraged to proactively identify areas which need research and or development and develop a program for these areas. There is a large degree of autonomy in the role of Research and Development Officer. How much of an improvement that we make as a business and the impact that you can have at an individual level is determined by your ability to manage your time and prioritise tasks.

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