Weekend Jobs

Counter Staff

Never leave the register unattended or unobserved.

Your number one job, above EVERYTHING else, is to never leave the register area unattended. If you need to leave the area you must get somebody to replace you.

Customer service is always the first priority. The jobs below are for quiet days / quiet periods. Customer service always cpomes first.

Clean the windows, (inside and out)

Carefully dust and wipe down items in the gift and gallery sections

Wipe down the shelving in hardware and irrigation sections

Products left at the desk not purchased should be put back on shelves. Call N1 or N2 for any plants that need returning to stock.

Water plants around the entrance and in the shop

Sweep inside and outside shop

Nursery Staff

Go through benches and check that shelf talkers are in front of the correct plants. Do fruit trees first as a priority then produce, then rest of the nursery. Any shelf talkers that need to come offbe left on the desk in the info stand.

Often excess in plant reserve can be moved into nursery – check trolleys AND crates along the fence line.

Tie up rolls of shade cloth and sweep out leaves which collect underneath

Endcap displays – if picked over, just spread the pots out a bit to make look better.

Grab any plants left at the registers and put back in stock.

Check the toilets – do they need a sweep out and does hand-wash need topping up?

Pick a bench and detail it – weed, remove spent flowers and broken branches etc., space out pots.

Weed and tidy garden beds across the site

Clean water bowls and bird baths

Tidy, clean and check all pots (plastic, glazed and terracotta) are priced

Remove shrink wrap, broken bags and empty pallets from the bagged product section

Empty rubbish bins under each of the benches