New Staff Information

New Staff

Welcome to the team at Bulleen Art & Garden. We need the following information from you to add you to the payroll. Please fill in every section and double check your numbers are correct (particularly your bank account and super info). If you are unsure what to put just type ‘don’t know’ and we will follow it up with you soon.

Fair Work Information Statement
All employers have to give every new employee a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement (FWIS) before, or as soon as possible after, they start their new job. Click here to download the Fair Work Information Statement.

BAAG Staff HandbookClick here for to read the BAAG staff handbook.

BAAG Staff Handbook – Click here to read the BAAG staff handbook. and BAAG Fit for Work policy.

By submitting the form below you agree that you have read these documents.

All work at Bulleen Art & Garden involves some strenuous lifting. Please disclose any pre-existing injury or condition that may be affected by your work. If you do not disclose this information here, you may not be entitled to WorkCover compensation if the nature of the job aggravates the pre-existing injury or disease. If applicable, please supply details here.
Please list your BSB, the account number and the name/s the account is held in.
If you do not have an existing superannuation fund, please write 'no fund' in these three boxes and we will open one for you. Our default fund is Australian Ethical Superannuation.
If you do not have a Tax File Number yet, please write 'Applying for TFN'
Only claim the tax free threshold from one employer, unless your total income from all sources for the financial year will be less than the tax free threshold. See section 3 below for what this means.
These include HELP/HECS, VSL, FS, SSL or TSL. If you select yes here, BAAG will withhold addidtional amounts to cover any compulsory repayment that may be raised on your notice of assessment.


1 – Superannuation Fund USI – A USI is a number that is used to identify different super funds and specific superannuation fund products. You may be asked to provide a USI when you are changing super funds and transferring some or all of your super balance between funds. The USI can often be found on your annual super statement or super fund’s website. It is typically provided in the super funds’ Letter of Compliance or in its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). A super fund may have only one USI or it may have a USI for each super product.

2 – Tax File Number – All Australian taxpayers need to have a tax file number. If you do not provide us with one your tax will be deducted at the highest rate. If you do not yet have one, click here for information on applying for a TFN.

3 – Tax-Free Threshold – If you have more than one employer, you generally only claim the tax-free threshold from one. Claiming the tax-free threshold reduces the amount of tax withheld from your income. Click here for information on the tax-free threshold