Counter Sales Overview

Position Description and Objectives
Updated March 2012 by Paul McMorran

Bulleen Art & Garden aims to offer our customers a unique and rewarding experience. Over an extended period of time we have built up a reputation for being a garden centre with a focus on the community, the environment and real gardening. Through these objectives, we try to create an experience that will lead our customers into outcomes that are sustainable and practical for their needs.

When working on the register, you are regularly the first and the last face our customers will see as they visit BAAG. You are expected to leave a positive impression on each.

Position reports to:
Counter coordinator / Office manager (Monday-Friday)
Weekend Manager (Saturday/Sunday and Public holidays)

Areas of Responsibility

Managing cash Register area.
Directing customer enquiries to the appropriate staff member (both in person and via telephone).
Maintaining a safe work environment for all staff, by adhering to outlined money handling and cash register management procedures.
Customer relationship management, on many occasions, you may be the only staff member that the customer has contact with.
Managing trolleys and baskets within the nursery and in the front carpark.

Relevant operational Procedures

BAAG Phone System – Operational Procedure
Counter Sales – Cash register Operational Procedures
Counter Sales – Invoice writing Operational Procedures

Environmental Considerations
At Bulleen Art & Garden we take great care in trying to reduce our impact on the environment. It is expected that you abide by any internal operational procedures and external regulations regarding this matter.

Safety at BAAG is more important than customer service!

Occupational Health and Safety

Bulleen Art & Garden is an extremely busy site, on which a number of heavy machines operate and deliver. It is up to you to be vigilant of the risks involved in working on such a site and to take the appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of staff, suppliers and the general public. You are expected to follow all materials handling and OH&S operational procedures at all times when employed at Bulleen Art & Garden.

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