Consultancy Services Co-ordinator

Garden Services Coordinator – Position Description and Objectives
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Reports to: CEO


Bulleen Art & Garden is keen to promote and develop the garden services aspect of the business. We see garden services as being an area that we can develop into a resource for both the local and wider community and provide real and environmentally positive outcomes.
General Guidelines

The garden services coordinator is responsible for the day to day administration of the onsite consultancies, mentoring and professional design packages that we offer to our customers.

The role requires you to liaise with numerous external consultants and designers when assigning the garden services bookings. It is important that you have a good relationship with these consultants and are familiar with the areas that they are strongest to ensure that our customers get the best consultant for their needs.

A strong attention to detail and continual follow-up is required as the Garden Services Coordinator. We are putting our name and reputation behind the work that is being carried out by our consultants. We need to be continually monitoring their performance to ensure that they are contacting our customers promptly and providing our customers with the level of service that we would expect.

As the Garden Services Coordinator it is necessary to continually review the requirements of our customers so that we can recruit the best consultants for our current needs. You are required to discuss recruitment options with the CEO and Operations Manager as necessary.

The development of our services offer is integral to the role of Garden Services Coordinator. You are required to be continually considering options and making improvements to our programs so as to bring them closer to our objectives of providing our customers with an educational experience and an as close to positive as possible environmental outcome.

All our consultancies are now pre-paid.

The customer will enter their details and payment into the consultancy request form on the website.

This is then sent to the inbox consultancies unassigned inbox. Due to system constraints – all payments for consultancies and gift vouchers go to both relevant inboxes – check that the payment is for a consultancy – if for a gift voucher – delete.

To access the inbox you need to log on to terminal services and your email.

‘Inbox – Consultancies Unassigned’ will be in bold font when there is a new, unopened request in there.

Each consultancy needs to be added to MYOB as an invoice.

Start the MYOB program and click on ‘Enter Sales’.

In the ‘Customer’ field, click on ‘5-cash sale – consultancy’, that will fill in that field, then click ‘cancel’ to leave the field.

Enter the details of the customer into the ‘Ship to’ field. Generally cut and paste these details from the email request, tidy up as necessary.

Enter the customer’s name in the customer PO field.

Enter 1 as the ‘ship’ number. Hit tab once, this moves you to item number. Type in ‘10’ and hit tab, then select ‘10000001 Garden Consultancy’ from the list, then hit tab and the price will appear.

If no other staff member took consult details, use your name as the sales person, surname first and it should automatically show up

Hit ‘record’ and exit MYOB and go back into your email

Hit the forward button on the email that contains the customer details.

Change the subject to ‘customer name assigned to consultant name’ e.g. Joe Smith assigned to Diana Cotter

Send the email to the consultant and also cc to:

When the email comes into the consultancies inbox, move it to the consultancies assigned subfolder and delete the original message.

Then reply to the original email request something along the lines of: Hi John, Thank you for your consultancy request, your consultancy has been assigned to xyz, s/he will be in touch with you in the next few days.’

Consultants at Bulleen Art and Garden are encouraged to consider the environmental implications of any advice they give to customers. It is hoped that they will avail themselves of environmental information and literature available so they are able to give informed advice to customers.

Consultants are encouraged, where possible, to draw to the customers notice environmental initiatives, information handouts and signage throughout the nursery. Tactfully draw attention to environmental considerations.

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