Shelftalker maintenance

Updated 1st August 2016 by Lindy

Job Description – Nursery Shelf talker maintenance


An enormous amount of time and money has gone into setting up the nursery benchtalkers so it is crucial that they are maintained correctly. The system is a complete waste of time if these guidelines are not followed. If a shelftalker is in front of the wrong plant, our credibility as a nursery is undermined (i.e. we look stupid).

Go through all produce trees, ensure signs are in front of the correct tree. Remove shelf talkers with no corresponding tree and make a list of missing shelf talkers. Check the dog kennel for those shelf talkers. If any remain missing and a quick scout round doesn’t find them, send nursery manager an email listing missing signs.
Go through the rest of produce: Grapes, berries, perennial veg, and fruiting vines, ensure signs are correctly positioned, remove shelf talkers with no corresponding plant and make a list of missing signs. Go through filing cabinet in info stand, file not needed talkers and pull out needed talkers. Put new shelf talkers out. Any metal talker holders not needed, put away in dog kennel.

Print a copy of the rose shelf talker list and go through the rose benches:

  • ensuring each shelf talker is in front of the correct rose,
  • remove shelf talkers where there is no corresponding rose, file away in storage area
  • check any rose missing a shelf talker against the printed list, tick if on the list
  • Go to storage area and select the shelf talkers and put out.

These shelf talkers are stored in a filing cabinet in the info stand.
Try to keep them immediately above or below their seedling punnets. These will need CONSTANT shuffling – almost daily in spring.

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