Sculpture Garden

updated 16th May 2006

Sculpture Garden Job Description


The Sculpture garden is an integral and dominant feature of Bulleen Art & Garden which must be maintained and presented to its highest possible standard at all times. Maintenance must be meticulous as every customer that enters the nursery should stop and take in the serenity of the garden.

Maintenance requirements


The pond water must be crystal clear at all times. To achieve this the filters on the pond pump must be thoroughly cleaned by rinsing under a tap each week.

Aquatic plants not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the pond, but they also provide shelter / oxygen for the fish and use nutrients in the water that may otherwise support algae. All aquatic plants, as with other plants in the garden, must be regularly trimmed and tidied to look their best at all times. When fresh stock is required inform the staff member responsible for the aquatic section and replace as soon as possible.

Any foreign objects such as money, scoria, plant stakes etc. must be removed from the pond as soon as they are noticed. Likewise you may need to sweep the pebbles on the base of the pond periodically to remove any built up algae or grime. The pond must look ‘fresh’ at all times.

An algaecide may be required a few times each year if the regular maintenance already mentioned fails to keep the water clear. Always read the instructions carefully before treating the pond, as most require the removal of aquatic plants before treatment.

During summer the water level may drop due to evaporation in which case you must top up with tap water to the ‘tide mark’ on the rocks.

Streambed and pebble water feature bed

This illusional streambed is a dominant part of the garden, which can rapidly loose its appeal if not kept clean and free of debris at all times.

Algae will tend to build up on the pebbles where the water filters through so this area must be brushed weekly to dislodge any build up.

All scoria and leaves etc. must be meticulously removed from the stream on a weekly basis.


Great care must be taken to ensure that all plants used within the garden are appropriate to the theme and look their best at all times. If any particular plant or groups of plants start to look poor and will obviously not recover quickly, they must be replaced with healthy stock ASAP. If you feel an alternative plant species is more suitable to a particular position, discuss it with the nursery manager first.
See also the Sustainable Design Principles in the Policies section of the Job descriptions folder.

All fallen or damaged leaves, spent flowers, weeds etc. must be removed as soon as they are noticed.

The maples will require light pruning to shape throughout the year and heavier pruning and thinning during winter. Great care must be taken when pruning the spreading maple above the ‘water rock’ to ensure the desired shape is maintained. If you are not totally confident in your abilities ask the nursery manager first.

The dominant ground cover of Baby Tears must be maintained and trimmed when required. All trimmings can be transplanted to any bare areas within the garden.


Water storing granules have proven to be an effective aid in keeping the garden lush, especially the Baby Tears. If you feel more are required you can only apply them in their saturated form as dry granules may wash into the pond.


Only slow release fertilisers such as outdoor Osmocote can be used in the garden as excessive use of fertilizers will cause nutrient levels in the pond to rise and algae problems to increase. One application in spring is usually enough to last an entire year.

If certain plants require an extra boost for any reason small amounts of weak liquid fertilizer can be used directly around their root zone until they have recovered.

Pest control

Pest control may occasionally be needed to keep the garden looking at its best. Although it is always Bulleen Art & Gardens policy to use environmentally friendly products as often as possible, extra care must be taken in the pond area as many sprays can be toxic to fish. Always read instructions and apply as directly as possible when spraying is required. A large spray droplet will minimize any spray drift into the pond.

Garden fencing

The primary reason for the fencing around the garden is to provide a childproof barrier. You are responsible for the maintenance of the fencing and to ensure that it is consistently safe. As soon as you see any problems that you cannot confidently repair yourself you must report them to a manager.

For the fencing to be aesthetically pleasing it will need regular washing to remove cobwebs and dust. This will usually be needed on a weekly basis. The railing should be painted whenever necessary to ensure it looks its best at all times.

Water Sculptures

The sculptures in the water garden will not sell if they are not clean and priced. Each feature must be operating as to give customers the full effect of the garden. The person in charge of the artwares section is responsible for ordering the water features. If you notice that any features have sold or have been moved inform the buyer and they will purchase a replacement.

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