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Job description: Restock Manager

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Restocking and plant maintenance consume a large degree of our daily activities in the nursery. Maintaining a high quality of plants on the benches is imperative for maintaining our reputation and ensuring that we provide the best possible value for our customers.

It is up to you to set the standards as a manager at Bulleen Art and Garden, your actions have a direct influence on other staff members, it is expected above all that safety is your first priority.

Managing staff

As restock manager it is up to you to liaise with the nursery manager and other relevant managers in the management of staff. The profitability of the nursery is highly dependent on how staff efficiently and effectively we use the staff available on any particular day. For the general running of the nursery it is necessary to have people focused on a range of activities including customer service and plant restocking throughout the week.

Staff are most effectively used when they are aware of the role that they are playing on any particular day, ensure that your restock team know who the nursery sales team are at the time (N1 and N2) so that they can direct customer enquiries to them.

As restock manager it is up to you to manage your team efficiently and effectively, labour costs can quickly escalate if staff are standing around waiting for jobs or assistance, ensure that your team is competently trained in the tasks required and have a clear idea of what they are expected to be doing for the day. Jobs lists should be used so that staff are able to continue onto the next task straight away rather than having to wait for your direction.

During the cooler times of the year, night crews can be cold and wet, this can quickly lead to low levels of morale in the group. As the restock manager, it is up to you to motivate people in these times.

Safety at BAAG is more important than customer service!

The biggest concern in the nursery is the safety of our staff and customers, we are happy to lose sales, productivity etc. if it means that we are not putting anyone in a potentially dangerous situation.

All staff should be shown how to lift correctly and have the dangers associated with the work pointed out. During restocking we work in low light conditions with forklift and electric tractors being used in the area, it is up to both the operators of the equipment and the staff working around them to be aware of the inherent dangers associated.

Materials handling

Efficient materials handling is crucial when plant restocking, plant trolleys and electric tractors need to be maintained and serviced regularly for both safety and materials handling.

The methodology of used in plant restocking should always be evolving to ensure that we are working in the most effective and efficient way possible. New staff members need to be coached over a period of time in the process of restocking. It is impossible to expect a new staff member to remember everything from the first night, training needs to be continued over a period of time.


General benchwork

It is important to always remind your staff of the importance of meticulous benchwork, if plants are simply shoved into gaps they can easily be damaged, similarly if a plant is put in the wrong spot, nursery staff and customers won’t be able to find it resulting in lost sales and also the over ordering of the plant in the following weeks when it is noted as absent during the weekly plant stocktake.

It is preferred that benchwork is completed to a higher standard and plants remain in the reserve rather than rushing through restocking, damaging stock and generally making the nursery look untidy.


Endcaps throughout the nursery need to be regularly updated as to inspire and create interest in the section, a combination of art, colour and structure help to bring through the excitement that we are trying to create in the nursery. We are in the process of changing a number of the endcaps into more permanent display benches focusing on a single theme, these benches also require a certain level of maintenance to ensure that they are looking at their best throughout the year and may require replanting every once in a while.


Shelftalkers need to be put out in front of the correct plant once restocking of a section of the nursery is completed. Any shelftalkers that are incorrect or damaged should be brought to the nursery managers attention for updating. A significant amount of time and money has been invested in the creation of the shelftalkers.


While working at night it is best to close the font entrance gate and shop doors if no one is working in the driveway or shop. At the completion of restock, ensure that all security beams are clear of plants and all gates are locked before leaving.

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