MYOB Payment Processing

The following is a step by step guide to making a payment through the MYOB

1. Open up MYOB and log in using your password and username
2. Click on the ‘Purchases’ tab in the pop-up window
3. Click on the ‘Enter purchases’ option

4. Select a supplier from the drop down box, the ship to, purchase number and date will display automatically.
5. Enter the supplier invoice number.
6. If necessary, add a brief description for the payment.
7. Allocate the payment to a particular account, for most suppliers this will occur automatically. If in doubt, ask your manager.
8. Enter the GST inclusive amount into the amount cell for each of the allocated invoice amounts.
9. The balance due should equal the total value of the invoice once completed.
10. Hit the record button
11. Repeat this process for the next invoice
12. Once all invoices are recorded, click on the ‘Pay bills’ button
13. Working through your invoices, select the supplier that you want to pay, if you are paying more than one invoice from the supplier they will all be displayed, hit the pay all button to pay all the invoices displayed, there are invoices that you don’t want to pay for any reason, individually select the invoices manually.
14. Hit the record button.
15. Do the same for each of the suppliers you want to pay, once finished, close the ‘pay bills’ window
16. Click onto the ‘prepare electronic payments’ button
17. With any luck, all the suppliers that entered in the ‘pay bills’ window should be listed. Print the list out.
18. Cross check the printed list with each of the invoices that you intend to pay.
19. Once you are happy that everything is correct, click on the tick, which will select all the suppliers at once to pay.
20. The total payment amount needs to be below $100,000 (our daily limit), if it is above this, you will need to deselect some suppliers until it drops below, you will have to pay the deselected suppliers on the next business day.
21. Hit the record button, this will bring up a window requesting an authorisation password, this needs to be entered by a manager, summon such an individual to enter the magic password.
22. print out the m-powered electronic payment summary and put it in the NOL payments folder.
23. Yay, the bills are paid, pat yourself on the back, put the payment summaries that you printed out back into the filing cabinet in the ‘A’ current month paid folder.

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