Large Pond Maintenance

Created 6-6-12
Job description
Large display pond maintenance


As this pond is often what people first see when they enter into the nursery through the gallery entrance, it’s very important that it’s kept well maintained.
This means clear water, healthy plants, happy fish and overall tranquillity.

Maintenance of pond

Pumps & Filters
As just explained the pond water must be crystal clear at all times. To achieve this, filters on the pond pump must be thoroughly cleaned by rinsing under a tap. This should not be left go any longer than one month. You’ll find two filters located at the top of the pebble stream, these are currently working as bio-filters and should run 24-7, to be effective.

Aquatic plants not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the pond, but they also provide shelter / oxygen for the fish and use nutrients in the water that may otherwise support algae.
If you feel it’s a bit empty, ask Richard to supply us with appropriate plants. He will make the right choice for us and also when it comes winter time, for his annual maintenance he won’t have to fish out a dozen empty 6inch pots that have fallen over and caused a mess. Basically when it comes to the plants and fish, leave decisions up to Richard as he is a well known expert and his knowledge shouldn’t be wasted.

An algaecide may be required a few times each year if the regular maintenance already mentioned fails to keep the water clear. Always read the instructions carefully before treating the pond, and run past Richard the problem first as he may have alternate suggestions to try first.

Other important tips
During summer the water level may drop due to evaporation in which case you must top up with tap water to the ‘tide mark’ on the rocks.

Don’t allow any pebbles to be put on the base of the pond. Only some very large pebbles are to go in the shallows, as any small ones create a breeding ground for bad sludge, which is very harmful to fish. Richard will also not appreciate this come the annual clean, as it makes the job three times more difficult.

Don’t put in more than a couple of water features at a time. They require pumps, which need a lot of cleaning, and also electrical cords which end up tripping you all over the place when you get in to do so.

Fish will need feeding almost daily in warmer weather and less often in winter. Purchase a good quality fish food, and store it in the info stand. Don’t over feed them. If you are worried about them for any reason, ask Richard to take a look next time he is in.

Stream bed

This illusional stream bed is a dominant part of the garden, which can rapidly loose its appeal if not kept clean and free of debris at all times.

Algae will tend to build up on the pebbles where the water filters through so this area must be brushed monthly to dislodge any build up.

All scoria and leaves etc. must be meticulously removed from the stream on a monthly basis.

Any foreign objects such as money, scoria, plant stakes etc. must be removed from the pond as soon as they are noticed. The pond must look ‘fresh’ at all times.

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