Fetch & Carry


This role is usually performed on weekends when we are busy. You have a vital function in the customer flow (on foot as well as in vehicles) at Bulleen Art & Garden particularly on busy days. Your organization and performance has a huge bearing on how many customers we get into the nursery and how well they are served.

Your job will be varied and the demands on you will fluctuate with the customer flow.
You must be continually conscious of the fact that your role is a customer service role, be efficient with customers but always greet customers and be professional in the way you deal with them. Frequently your contact, and the counter staff transaction, will be the only contact we have with a customer so make sure that they leave with the impression that they have been dealt with professionally.

Customer car parking

Your most important function (after ensuring safety issues are addressed) is the control of customer car parking, this determines how much business we do on a day and good control of customer parking can have a significant effect on trade. When we are busy the front car park will fill very quickly. To avoid customers driving off and shopping elsewhere, you must direct customers to parking on the opposite side of our driveway, down the driveway and at the rear. This must be done as the car park begins to fill not when it is already full. At all times safety is the first consideration and it will be necessary at times to be assertive with customers.

When you arrive for work, make sure that the rear car park area is clear of product on both sides and clear of trucks and trolleys. If it is not, clear it yourself or ask the yard manager or weekend manager to assist. Then place the “parking at rear” sign out the front, on the end of the pedestrian crossing. Make sure that you are wearing a uniform including a hat to alert customers to the fact that you can direct them. You will have to stand out in the middle of the driveway and the car park and direct traffic with authority.

Safety is your first priority when working in the front car park directing traffic generally within the centre. Ensure that customers and yourself are operating in a safe situation. See more in under the safety heading below.

Your role is also to greet customers in the front car park and as you direct them.

Other responsibilities

· to collect plant trolleys from the front car park and return them to the trolley bays inside the nursery (near the nursery information stand and near the ferns).
· to assist customers carrying potting mix, pots, etc to their cars.
· Assist customers with basic paving enquiries. Direct them to the yard for immediate pickup and seek assistance for complicated queries from cash register staff.
· You will be asked a lot of questions about pavers and product. Do not bluff customers or guess. Direct customers to advice or get another staff member to help. It is important for you can learn a bit about cement mixes, volumes, mulches and soils etc. You should also learn the general location of products.

Safety at BAAG is more important than customer service!

Safety, yours, our customers and suppliers is always the highest priority. You are working in a busy environment with a lot of car and pedestrian traffic and heavy machinery including trucks, forklifts and tractors. It is important to look carefully when moving around the yard and driveway and be ready for unexpected traffic movements when walking and working amongst traffic. Direct customers to safe areas and control traffic.

When lifting always bend your legs and keep your back straight and vertical. Ask your manager for correct lifting demonstration and advice. Always plan your lift and remove any obstacles before lifting any objects. Do not lift any weight with which you are not comfortable. Seek assistance from another staff member. Safety comes before customer service. We accept that some customers will be upset when you are uncomfortable lifting heavy objects but would rather this than risk your safety. Avoid lifting heavy objects with customers as this is a major source of staff injuries. If lifting with a customer always control the lift yourself, do not allow the customer to direct you.

Gloves MUST be worn when handling rocks, sleepers or pavers. See the yard manager for instructions before handling rocks.

You must wear a hat at all times when outdoors. The weekend manager can organize a hat from the hat rack in the lunchroom.

General Work

There is always going to be times when you are not busy, you are expected to be productive at these times. Even when busy you must be continually merchandising/cleaning/tidying the area as you work.

If you are unsure about what to do at any time, ask the weekend manager and always return to them for direction. It is important to report to the manager at the start of the day to receive instructions from them and to plan your role and your day.

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