Counter Co-Ordinator

Updated 29th May 2006

Job description – office counter co-ordinator

The job of counter coordinator is an extremely important one as you control much of Bulleen Art and Garden customer contact. It is important to be well organised, as your role is to assist other staff in busy times as well as complete your regular tasks.

Counter co-ordinator roles
1. Phone answering. You must answer all incoming phone calls within 3 rings. You must break from phone calls to answer subsequent incoming calls. It is important to answer multiple calls. Where possible deal with as many phone queries as possible yourself. This frees up other staff to attend to restocking, etc.
2. Cash register backup. This is a vital time saving role. You must be quick to respond to calls to the front cash registers and to pre-empt register assistance. You must keep an eye on the cash registers and when people are waiting, you must attend immediately.
3. Supervising cashiers. Ensure that cashiers are performing their duties and see you with any questions. Check that they are replacing journal till rolls and are clear and accurate in their invoice writing and yard delivery allocation. The “cashier to do list” must be kept up to date by yourself and the hardware manager, and see that the cashiers are performing the tasks in their spare time. Refer to the cashier’s job description regularly and print out a copy for the cashiers to read:
· When they start
· After 3 weeks
· After 3 months
· After 12 months
Training of new cashiers is your responsibility and must be done over several weeks. Cashiers must receive a job description as detailed above and training in cash register operation, allocations, delivery allocation, invoice writing, and basic selling in lawncare, paving and irrigation.
3. Driveway security and service. It is your role to ensure that customers are served in the driveway area, by calling for staff to assist customers in the driveway. Secondly, you must be vigilant in watching for customers trying to drive off without paying for goods.
4. Co-ordinating suppliers and service tradespeople. Ensure that suppliers come to your window for payment, this clears congestion at the register. Couriers and other service people will come to you for pickups and direction. Ensure that you know about tradespeople arriving and what they are to do or who they are to see (eg. linemarking to see yard manager on Wednesday). If you are not told of an appointment, chase up the staff member responsible so that they know for next time. All appointments should be recorded in the web calendar.
5. Staff and general address contact list. This computer list must be kept up to date and shared with everyone. Staff email address’s, (at work and home), should be listed on the staff lists. The trade account customers should have their phone numbers listed on the general contacts list. The general contacts list should be accessed by all staff and old contacts deleted and new contacts inserted by you or staff generally.
6. Supervising product pickups. Make sure that product pickup instructions are clearly displayed at the counter behind R4. Make sure that there is water proof clearly identified boxes at all product pickup points where staff can quickly get tags etc and instructions how to deal with product on holds, our deliveries etc.
7. Ordering First aid supplies and office stationery. Both have restock lists accessible on the computer
8. Email Cashbook Summary to Bruce, Meredith, Paul, Alastair & Peter

The office coordinator job is only part of your total Bulleen Art and Garden role. You must return to your regular jobs between the above tasks.

Environmental Policy and expectations of staff.

Bulleen Art and Garden aims to deliver a service to its customers that recognises the importance of environmental issues, both local and global. In this respect, concentrating on long-term custom, we are prepared to sacrifice individual sales to offer customers a range of environmental gardening options and outcomes.

Bulleen Art & Garden is prepared to sacrifice sales, but not customers on environmental issues. For example, if a customer asks for a more toxic spray than needed, we expect staff to suggest an alternative, even if it means not selling a product at all. However, we do insist that staff do not get into arguments over the environment with the customer, which may lead them to shop elsewhere. Our policy is strong customer education.

Bulleen Art and Garden aims to take the lead in respect of retail nursery practice, to encourage customer interest in an environmentally friendly approach to gardening that encompasses the following issues:

– To foster the concept that our land and gardens, however large or small, are not ours to ‘do with as we wish’, but rather, something we have the responsibility to care for and enjoy, leaving it good health for those who follow us.
– Fewer adherences to strictly formal garden design.
– Increased interest in produce gardening.
– Increased awareness of the environmental benefits of using native and indigenous plant species within the garden.
– A style of garden design and practice that encourages the use of water and soil conservation principles.

In light of these aims, staff at Bulleen Art and Garden are encouraged to consider the environmental implications of any advice they give to customers. It is hoped that staff will avail themselves of environmental information and literature available at the nursery, so they are able to give informed advice to customers.

Staff members are also encouraged, where possible, to draw to the customers notice to environmental initiatives, information handouts and signage throughout the nursery.

To reach high office shelves you must use the step ladder provided not stand on chairs.

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