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1 Introduction
The computer system at Bulleen Art & Garden represents a massive investment of both money and staff time over many years. The following guidelines are to be followed at all times, without exception. Abuse of any of the following guidelines will result in a warning letter from management. Subsequent abuse after a warning may result in dismissal from Bulleen Art & Garden. This is an area that management take very seriously. The potential for loss or damage to the business is very real if these guidelines are not followed.

2 Viruses
One of the main reasons these rules are strict is due to the very real threat of viruses and hackers, both of which are becoming more dangerous and sneaky. By breaking any of the following rules you can leave us open to attack. It is for this reason that we need to take such a tough stance. All work programs, debtors systems, invoicing, accounts payable, and accounting records are kept on the computer and a virus could cause us catastrophic financial hardship. Viruses have cost businesses worldwide billions of dollars over the past few years. We run virus protection on all PCs. However, there are some simple rules that can help reduce the potential damage caused by viruses:

No staff are ever to bring a CD, zip disk or floppy disk to use in the work computers unless it has been cleared by a manager. If you are in doubt, ask.

Most viruses are now being delivered by e-mail. Don’t open anything that you feel looks suspicious and remember most viruses now come from people that you know and may look innocent. There is a very simple rule… never under any circumstances open an attachment unless you have expressly asked the sender to forward it to you (plant pictures for example). If you have any doubts about an email you have received contact a manager immediately.

3 Productive Computer Use
One of the first tings to ask yourself when using a computer is ‘Am I using the PC application that best suits the task I have been asked to undertake?’, or perhaps even ‘Do I really need a computer for this task or will a piece of paper do the job as effectively?’ One of the dangers of computers in a workplace is the time that can be wasted using them unproductively. If you are not sure what you are doing, there’s probably a good chance that you shouldn’t be wasting your time doing it. For example, it may be more appropriate to draw a picture on paper than to use a computer and graphics program to do it.

4 Internet and email.
The use of email and the internet at Bulleen Art & Garden are both strictly for business purposes only. Conditions of use are as follows:

· Never open any attachments that are not related to Bulleen Art & Garden. If your friends email you something, email them back immediately and tell them not to send you any further attachments and stress that opening them could cost you your job. Use your home email address if you want to swap amusing pictures or attachments with your friends, your baag email address is for work purposes only and should never be used for attachments.

· Only websites that are directly related to Bulleen Art & Garden’s business activities are to be visited. Internet surfing for amusement will not be tolerated. We can track sites that users have been accessing if necessary.

· Never, under any circumstances, download or install any software on any computer at Bulleen Art & Garden. This includes seemingly innocent stuff such as Yahoo toolbars, media players, animated cartoons etc. Abuse of this rule will be dealt with severely as it is a practice that can very easily put us at risk. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you are unsure, talk to a manager.

· No web based email (hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc) is to be used at work. No exceptions.

5 Logons
If management deem it necessary for you to have your own separate logon, you will be issued with a user name and password. Do not tell anyone what your password is under any circumstances. If the system is abused under your logon, you will be held responsible for any damage caused. For the same reason it is critical that you log your user name off every time you have finished using the computer. All staff who do not have a logon should use:

Logon: staff
Password: bulleen

Settings for each logon are never to be changed. Each user has been set up a certain way for a reason. Don’t change colour schemes, icons, background pictures or any other setting. Too much time is wasted fixing problems that stem from people fiddling around on the computers. Don’t do it.

6 Data Files
All data files are kept in the same directory. There is an icon on every desktop that points to ‘General Data’. This is the only directory that files are kept in. Please note that the ‘My Documents’ icon will not work. Any files that are not saved in the appropriate directory will not be included in the data backup and will be deleted monthly. If you need a lesson on how to save files that you are working on, please ask a manager. If you are saving a new document, you need to change the drive to ‘Data on Dataserver’. Again, if this doesn’t make sense to you, ask for a lesson.

When saving a new file is is important to name it logically. Make the name spell out clearly what is in the file, eg ‘background for seedlings shelf talkers’, or ‘companion planting info’
6.1 One Version of the Truth
It is the case in many businesses that files are duplicated and stored in different locations. BA&G is no exception with many duplicate files existing in different locations and with different file names. This creates a number of problems including:
It is difficult to determine which of the stored files contains the most up to date information;

· It is hard to find the most recent file file;

· Two people may be working on the same file at the same time.

· Valuable information can be lost because it is not being backed up.

There is only one place you should be saving your work, in the General Data directory in the appropriate sub-directory. If you discover two versions of the same file report it to a manager brfore doing any work. Staff are never to create new sub-directories without checking with a manager.

7 Shutting Down
If you are the last user at night you can shut the computer down and switch off the monitor. The only exception to this is Joe Raneri’s computer which is used to receive faxes and needs to be left on all day. Never turn off the server (the computer on the top shelf above the money computer). This computer hosts our website and needs to remain on at all times.

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