Staff Education Officer


SEO role has three main areas of responsibility

1. Provide information sessions at monthly nursery meetings:
a. From other staff giving talks on their specific area of knowledge
b. From recently written fact sheets or from older fact sheets that are pertinent to the current season
c. Try to balance talks between all areas of the nursery
d. Liaise with the ‘weed team’ and update staff as decisions and info becomes available. Keep staff informed if a plant goes on the weed list.

2. Find out directly from staff, and/or ask Lindy, what sort of short courses staff would be interested in attending and see what is available for them to attend. These need to be relevant to either their current role at BAAG or a future role at BAAG. Be wary of some of the computer courses, as 90% of the material may be irrelevant.
a. Look at the VECCI web site and various TAFE courses amongst others.
b. Encourage staff to go to our own classes as a quick and easy way if increasing their knowledge. Point out which classes are on and when, check with Maria if space is available and target certain people if you think they will benefit from the class.
c. Encourage potential forklift drivers to study the manual and get their Learners Permit

3. Work Experience Students
a. Accept applications from candidates where desirable
b. Arrange dates of working and induction process
c. Organise work for the students and ensure the students know who to report to at all times
d. Organise pay as appropriate
e. We have hired long term nursery staff from work experience students, keep an eye out for possible long term staff.

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