Sales analysis

Sales analysis

1. Ensure bank rec completed to last day of the month

2. Examine sales clearing a/c 4-1900, balance should be less than $100
– allocate this amount to nursery sales

Gen ledger
Date: end month
Memo: reallocation sales clearing
4 1900 sales clearing
4 1900 nursery sales
– check that bal. In sales clearing is zero

Distribute discounts on cash register takings

Go to A/C 4 1950
G/L inquiry
Check for incorrect transactions in A/C
Balance in A/C should be approx $3000 to $5000

A. Print out P/L with year to date (reports)
B. Distribute $ amount according to % for month but add paving % to nursery % ® no paving discount, add turf % cartage % and consultancy % to sprinklers %
C. Calculate discounts to nearest $ and round off in nursery sales
D. General JNL
– Date: end month
– Memo: distribution of cash reg discount
– Debit nursery sales
– DebitSeedling sales etc
– Credit 4 1950 disc on cash reg takings

Print “P/L with YTD” from reports
5. Go to – my documents
– accounting
– summary 01/02
enter figures for both current month and year to date.
6. Miscellaneous data
– Inquiries card
– Month
– Source – sales
– Deduct R4 entries

A. Invoiced sales
Debtors folder above lilys desk
Analyse sales
Total sales less cash reg sales = invoiced sales
B. R1+2+3 sales, difference between total sales and invoiced sales.
C. Invoices – discounted sales
Invoiced sales less “cash sale – retail”
From analyse sales report in debtors folder
Inquire card 1 cash sale retail source sales total $
D. % of sales = discount sales
total invoiced sales
E. Cash register – total discount
Myob – inquiry register
A/C 4 1950 month
® discounts given $
F. no of transactions – figure from list taken separately from weekly Z2 readouts
G. Average sale – R1+2+3 figure ¸ no of transactions.
H. Register errors from weekly cash book totals

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