Pricing Book

Last Update 30th May 2006

Keeping the pricing book and prices up to date is the job that must be meticulously checked every week.

The cash registers and invoice writing simply will not function and work on the cash registers becomes very frustrating if all prices are not very clear and up to date all the time. Customers will become annoyed if they are charged more at the counter than is indicated elsewhere. Customers are hard enough to get without losing them through inattention to detail in this area. Following the procedures listed below will ensure this job is done properly.

Price Updates
All price updates should be recorded via the baag internal web site. Once the web manager has updated the book, print out the relevant pages that have been updated.

Layout and maintenance of books.
Make sure books are clearly and logically set out and listen to staff complaints regarding this as the staff are the ones who have to use them.

The books must be updated weekly. Make any changes necessary in the books straight away with a pen, (Don’t write on the plastic!) and then change it on the computer immediately (even if you don’t print it out straight away). If you don’t follow this procedure you will forget to change the prices on the computer before printing the new pages. You should only print out a new page if it is becoming unclear, it is not really necessary to print a whole new page for one price change if you are careful.

When updating all books in the office and at the counters must be updated.

Put email newsletter into pricing book and make clear to counter staff has been update

All pricing books must be in good condition. Replace plastic pockets whenever necessary.

Make the effort and you will save all staff time and frustration.

There are seven pricing books in all; R2, R3 and R4, two in the office downstairs and the nursery info stand and one on the desk in the storeroom. Make sure you change them all.

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