Phone System Operation

The efficient use of the phone system at BAAG can make a huge difference to the smooth running of the entire centre. For many of our customers, especially the trade, the only contact that they regularly have with us is via telephone, so we need to make sure that we are giving these customers the same level of service and professionalism that we would if they were talking with us face to face.

Answering a Call

When somebody calls us the phones will start to ring, the BAAG button light will start to flash as will one of the line buttons and the red light on top of the phone. To answer the phone simply pick it up. When you do this the light below the line that the person is calling on will turn from flashing red to green.

Greet the person on the other end of the phone…

Good morning / afternoon Bulleen Art & Garden Casper Speaking

Once you have exchanged pleasantries, it is best to see if you can answer the question that they might be asking before putting it through to someone else. The question may be something like, what time do you close, do you stock a particular type of mulch, do you have potatoes in yet etc. If you are unable to help and need the assistance of another staff member you will need to take one of the steps below.
Putting the call on Hold
For the majority of calls you will need to put the call on hold before passing it on to the appropriate staff member. To do this, press the red hold button at the base of the handset. This will make the line light go from solid green to flashing green on your phone.
Contacting another phone
To contact another phone you can simply press the button below their name on the handset. This will cause their phone to ring and show up who is calling them on the LCD screen.

If the light below their name is already on, it means that they are on the phone, in which case you may need to take a message or try again later.

To pass on a quick message, such as a phone call waiting on one of the lines you can also use the system as a two way intercom between the phones. To do this, press the button of the person that you want to speak to followed by the number 1. You will then be able to be heard through the speaker on their phone and they will be able to respond hands-free through the microphone in the handset. For this function to work correctly, the handset of the person you are speaking to must have the Mic light turned on which enables the microphone back to you.

Once confirming that the person can take the call, pick up the call again (ie press L#) and then put the call on hold again from your handset. At this stage the line should be flashing green on your phone. Hang up the handset, the line will continue to flash green until the other person picks it up, at which point it will go solid red. Keep an eye on the line, if it is not picked up after a couple of minutes, take the details of the customer and pass the message on to the relevant preson.

Transferring a call to a cordless (mobile) phone
If nursery assistance is required, the primary contact should be via the nursery cordless (mobile) phones. There are two mobiles in the nursery – the first is carried by the N1 for the day and the second is carried by Steven during the week and the N2 on the weekend. The yard also has a cordless phone which is used as their secondary contact point after the phones in the yard shed.

To transfer the call through, while the caller is still on the phone with you:
1. Press the transfer button at the bottom of the handset (labelled 1st in the picture). This will then put them on hold.
2. The next step is to select the mobile that you want to transfer the call though to. In this instance we are going to pass it though to the Nursery Mobile. To do so, pressing the Nur. M button (labelled 2nd in the picture) will cause the nursery mobile to ring.
3. Once the staff member on the end of the nursery mobile has answered, check if it OK to transfer a call through, if so, simply hang up your phone and the call will go directly though.
4. If it is not a suitable time, the nursery person after speaking to you will end the call with you from their mobile. This causes the external (customer) call to be sent back to you at which point you can try the second mobile or take a message or put them on hold and contact another handset etc.

Using the PA system

The phone system is also used to make messages over the PA system. To make message lift up the handset, press the PA button and clearly announce the message into the receiver. Once finished, hang up the phone. If you would like the announcement to only go the handsets and not the PA press the Int. Page button instead of the PA button and follow the same procedure.