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Job description Paving Sales


The paving section is a display sales area that relies almost entirely upon service and the display. The neatness and completeness of the display and the clarity of the information displayed is extremely important. Customers in the display area must be given excellent service (ie. advice on colour, availability, suitability, driveway use, laying pavers, etc.) or a sale will be lost. You must spend as much time as is necessary with each customer, remember they may spend over $2000. Paving customers need far more sales time than regular customers, especially those paving big areas. These customers are normally tackling large scale projects, they are going to need yard materials, plants and irrigation, if you can lock them into the nursery in the initial stages of their purchases they are more likely to stay with us over the entire period of their projects.

Serving customers

Assist anyone browsing in the paving display area. Provide them with advice, brochures, business card, prices, etc. Consult the paving manager with any queries.
Every customer must be approached for assistance, even if they are only browsing. A customer that is not approached is usually a customer lost. Early in a customer enquiry, establish how big a paving job the customer is undertaking. If it is a small area (under 12 sq m) show them the range of pavers we stock in our soil yard for immediate pickup. These pavers are labelled. Familiarise yourself with the pavers we have in the yard. If the customer has a large job (over 50 sq m) mention that we can recommend reliable paving tradespeople to quote.
Every customer must leave Bulleen Art & Garden with:
1. A business card
2. Knowledge of our 10% off other products for paving purchases over $300
3. Knowledge that we sell at factory/manufacturers prices.
Try to settle them on a sale when they are at the nursery or encourage them to ring their order through. For large paving orders inform customers that we have reliable tradespeople to quote on laying paving. Stress that the paviers who we recommend are reliable, efficient and lay correct bases for a quality job. First check that they don’t already have one of our regular tradesmen to do the work.
Make a judgement when charging customers for samples, if they look like placing a large order then don’t charge them, but if they seem as though they are only using us for our displays and samples and don’t intend placing the order through us then charge them for samples. The paving display area must be kept swept, tidy and clear of other products.

Invoicing and payments

As paving is a low margin product it is essential that all invoicing is perfect and all payments must be in advance. Even with account customers, payment must be on order or within 7 days. Emphasise that customers can pay by credit card over the phone but all paving must be paid in advance. Explain to the customer that the order will not be placed until the order is paid in full. Don’t forget to give out a discount card when paving purchases are over $300 and payment is made. These cards are upstairs in the yard shed on Coop’s desk and you must fill in the customers invoice No, name, the expiry date one month in advance and sign the card.

Refer to standard order quantities/packs in the pricing book and pallet deposits. If you are unsure of invoicing, check with the manager on duty or tell the customer that the paving manager will ring back with the exact price and take payment over the phone.
The paving price book and paving invoice book must be kept in the yard shed in the basket under the counter.

Trade customers

Give trade customers special attention. These customers are our most important customers and provide on-going business. Stress that we offer factory trade prices and backup assistance. Any new trade customers should be referred to the paving manager.

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