Paving Manager

Paving Manager

This job description should be read in conjunction with:
(a) Guidelines for staff in charge of a section
(b) Guidelines for buyers


The paving section is a display sales area that relies almost entirely upon service and the display. The neatness and completeness of the display and the clarity of the information displayed is extremely important. Customers in the display area must be given excellent service (ie. advice on colour, availability, suitability, driveway use, laying pavers, etc.) or a sale will be lost. You must spend as much time as is necessary with each customer, remember they may spend over $2000. Paving customers need far more sales time than regular customers, especially those paving big areas or erecting large retaining walls. These customers are likely to be embarking on a large project so if we can help them in their selection they are more likely to but all their materials from us.


Serving customers. Assist anyone browsing in the paving display area. Provide them with advice, brochures, business card, prices, etc. Take as many phone inquiries as possible personally.
Alert the customer to the 10% discount as another reason to buy from Bulleen Art and Garden and stress that we sell at factory prices. Try to settle them on a sale when they are at the nursery or encourage them to ring their order through. Make a judgement when charging customers for samples, if they look like placing a large order then don’t charge them, but if they seem as though they are only using us for our displays and samples and don’t intend placing the order through us then charge them for samples. The sample rack should be regularly checked and when quantities are low contact the appropriate sales rep. and follow the request up. It is highly important that the sample rack is kept fully stocked as we could lose a sale.
The paving display area must be kept swept, tidy and clear of other products.

Invoicing and payments

The paving invoice book should be checked Monday morning and on all weekdays and any orders rung through immediately. Ring all customers to confirm delivery details. Ensure that correct prices, pack quantities and pallet deposits have been charged and explain the error to the salesperson if there has been an error. Advise customers that we cannot promise a delivery date or time (estimate only) as paving companies work on up to a four working day delivery period, as long as they have the product in stock.

As paving is a low margin product it is essential that all invoicing is perfect and all payments must be in advance. Even with account customers, payment must be on order or within 7 days. Emphasise that customers can pay by credit card over the phone but all paving must be paid in advance. Explain to the customer that the order will not be placed until the order is paid in full.

The paving price book and paving invoice book must be kept above Peter Howey’s desk at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure this.

Checking supplier invoice

End of month statements must be thoroughly checked to ensure that we are being charged for the correct deliveries, at the right price and that any returns owing are received. Check each supplier invoice against our BAG invoice and ensure that each invoice has adequate margin. When you are happy with the supplier invoice tick it and tear off the bottom left corner of the BAG invoice. This ensures that we are not charged for the same delivery twice.


Every Monday check with the Yard Manager on stocks of yard pavers required. Yard stocks should not exceed 2 pallets of any one paver. There is no trade discount on yard pavers.

When paving prices change, be sure to update both the paving prices book and display area signs immediately. It is helpful to know our wholesale prices so as you know how low you can go in making a deal for a very large order. As a general rule, if a customer is purchasing over 40 m2 you can offer them trade prices if it is necessary to clinch the deal.

Handouts must be kept stocked up and always stamped with a Bulleen Art & Garden stamp and when you photocopy a price list include a business card on the copy.

Pallet returns

Customer pallet returns should be checked off against the invoice and the date of return written in the invoice book. If we are picking up the pallets, write up a return slip and put the refund money in an envelope and write the address and number of pallets on the front of the envelope. The envelope is then put on the current days running clip. Ensure that customers have their pallets on the nature strip or somewhere visible from the road.
Do not accept returns if we do not stock the paver.

Always keep the empty pallets in the yard to a bare minimum as they are worth a lot of money to the nursery and we don’t really want that much money sitting there idle. If you are having trouble with pallet pick-ups ring the rep. of the company straight away. When pallets are picked up from the yard, ensure that the driver gives a return docket.


Displays should be washed down regularly. The displays should be washed with the high-pressure machine every two months.


Refer to pebbles job description.

Environmental Policy and expectations of staff.

Bulleen Art and Garden aims to deliver a service to its customers that recognises the importance of environmental issues, both local and global. In this respect, concentrating on long-term custom, we are prepared to sacrifice individual sales to offer customers a range of environmental gardening options and outcomes.

Bulleen Art & Garden is prepared to sacrifice sales, but not customers on environmental issues. For example, if a customer asks for a more toxic spray than needed, we expect staff to suggest an alternative, even if it means not selling a product at all. However, we do insist that staff do not get into arguments over the environment with the customer, which may lead them to shop elsewhere. Our policy is strong customer education.

Bulleen Art and Garden aims to take the lead in respect of retail nursery practice, to encourage customer interest in an environmentally friendly approach to gardening that encompasses the following issues:

– To foster the concept that our land and gardens, however large or small, are not ours to ‘do with as we wish’, but rather, something we have the responsibility to care for and enjoy, leaving it good health for those who follow us.
– Fewer adherences to strictly formal garden design.
– Increased interest in produce gardening.
– Increased awareness of the environmental benefits of using native and indigenous plant species within the garden.
– A style of garden design and practice that encourages the use of water and soil conservation principles.

In light of these aims, staff at Bulleen Art and Garden are encouraged to consider the environmental implications of any advice they give to customers. It is hoped that staff will avail themselves of environmental information and literature available at the nursery, so they are able to give informed advice to customers.

Staff members are also encouraged, where possible, to draw to the customers notice environmental initiatives, information handouts and signage throughout the nursery.

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