Parkland Revegetation

Job description for revegetation area adjacent to park

Need to ensure that we do not ever spray out along the bank next to the yard, this is what is holding up the bank and preventing us from sliding into the Yarra.

1. Stabilise the bank near the car park. Planting on top of the bank has occurred, but further plantings are probably needed.

2. Plant out area near Kim close to hide BAAG. The money from the latest grant application was to be put to this use as well as erosion control from the drain adjacent to Kim close. We won’t know about the money till September.

3. The planting of Hardenbergia, Hymenanthera along the fence to hide BAAG and also the replacement of the shade cloth on the fence.

4. Working out a flood strategy – make a list of species not to plant below the flood line

Safety: No planting of wattles near paths
We should be reporting any spraying of plants to Parks Vic.

Trawl the internet for grant options. There are copies of the two that I have applied for in the folder. Good Luck!
The only grant that we have pending is the Enviro Fund grant. We applied for $10,000. I guess there is no need to read the grant until we actually get the money.

Indigenous design
Contact Lauren: 0419 566 689
They usually do all the spraying and planting except that now we have Andre so we should be able to save some money.

Our yearly budget should be around $6,000 (A bit fuzzy). However in 2005 this blew out to $11,000. Indigenous design are good at doing the work and then charging us. I tried to get them to tell us what their intentions were first before they did the work. Our position should be firmly stated again. Also we have to figure out exactly what we need from them now that we have Andre.


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