Opening & Closing Procedure

Updated 30th May 2006
Opening and Closing Procedures

Correctly opening and closing the nursery will ensure that the entire operation runs smoothly from the beginning to the end. If you do not open the nursery up in the correct manner, subsequent staff members arriving after you will have to stand around waiting for you to complete your job. Alternatively, if you do not lock up correctly it is an invitation for people to rip us off.

Opening Procedure for the yard

In most cases the yard will open before the nursery.
§ Arrive approximately 10-15 minutes prior to the opening time
§ Let yourself in and turn off the alarm
§ Unlock the back gate
§ Get the yard money and keys out from the bottom safe
§ Open the gates of the driveway (leave the pedestrian gates closed)
§ Put the money in the yard register and keys out
§ Organise the first delivery for when the driver arrives

Opening Procedure for nursery

By the time that you arrive the yard should already be open and operating. If not follow the yard opening instructions to begin with.
§ Arrive approximately 10 minutes before the nursery opening time
§ Unlock the Nursery info stand, gallery door and door from the shop to the nursery
§ Remove the money from the safe (bottom safe, pencil cases on the left hand side) and put it into the registers
§ Open the main entrance and exits to the shop
§ Open the pedestrian gate

Closing Procedure for the yard

The yard normally closes 30 minutes before the nursery, it is therefore necessary to limit public access to the area
§ Set up the barrier across the driveway near the lunchroom with the yard closed sign
§ Collect all the keys from the trucks, forklifts and loader
§ Ensure that the pallets or forklift is not blocking the security beam
§ Count out the float ($200) from the register and put it back into the pencil case
§ Check that the number of transactions through R5 correspond to the number recorded
§ Ring off the registers and EFT machine, put the R1 and R5 takes in separate bags
§ Lock the top and bottom of the yard shed, turn out lights
§ Take the two pencil cases and the take to the lower office and put them into the safes

Closing Procedure for Nursery

The correct closing of the nursery is vital if we are going to save costs due to theft and alarm activations.

§ Meticulously check nursery beams every time close (or organising someone), it is a continual problem and is costing significant dollars
§ Ensure at the gate by the old dog kennel is locked, both top and bottom
§ Lock the info stand and close the door to the lunch room
§ Shut the gate to the plant reserve (if Friday – draw orange and white fencing across the car park side of the reserve_
§ Ring off all the registers
§ Close the car entrance half way to expose the close sign
§ Remove all the takings from the registers, put it in the appropriate pencil case and lock them in the bottom safe on the right hand side
§ Lock the office, gallery door, nursery door, pedestrian gate and main entrance
§ Ensure that all the cars are out of the staff car park and lock the gate (if you drove, move your car at this time)
§ Make final checks on trolleys etc to ensure that nothing is left in the front car parks
§ Activate the alarm and lock the front doors and main gate

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