Hardware Restocking and Pricing

Deletions for consideration by manager

This job requires you to assist in the restocking and pricing of all hardware products, and making sure that the areas are kept very tidy. Always keep in mind that the shop area gives the customer the first impression as they walk into Bulleen Art and Garden. Your job is not simply to restock shelves but to leave the area clean and tidy, dusting and cleaning as necessary.

Always remember that your job is not finished until you have tidied up your mess. Any boxes or plastic must be put in the appropriate recycling bins, pallets taken to the storage area, wire or material packaging put in the skip etc.

You need to work efficiently and plan what needs to be moved, especially if you are collecting stock from the pallet racking. Remember that you are part of the baag team and that if you don’t do your job well it means more work for other staff members who should be able to concentrate on other things.

Safety at BAAG is more important than customer service!

Safety is always the number one priority at Bulleen Art and Garden, we expect all staff members to behave in a safe manner at all times. Do not attempt a task if you do not believe that it is safe, point out any concerns that you my have to the relevant staff members immediately.

Always use correct lifting techniques, no matter what size the object, if you are not familiar with the correct technique to use ask your supervisor to demonstrate. You are not expected to risk injury for the sake of sales, if a customer asks you to move a pot that may result in personal injury, explain to the customer that you will get help (this may require the customer to return at a later date once we have moved it with the forklift).

Always be careful of potential hazards, especially in the driveway, there are a number of large vehicles operating in the area that may not always see you, by remaining aware you greatly reduce your chance of injury.


Some bags weigh up to 20 kg so manual handling needs to be supervised and lifting techniques taught. Your supervisor will demonstrate proper lifting techniques. Please ask him if he doesn’t demonstrate.

The shelf tickets specify the space allocated for a particular product. If there is more than one shelf label then we have more than one facing of that product. Products are restocked on the shelf in front of their corresponding shelf label. If you are unsure where a product goes don’t guess, see a member of staff who knows where it belongs. Always check to ensure the price on the shelf label is the same as on the stock.

The new stock should ALWAYS be placed at the back and the old stock placed at the front.

Every time you handle a product make sure it is in good condition, clean and clearly priced. When bringing up stock from the back reserve every bag must be wiped down and/or washed and clearly priced.

At all times keep a minimum number of trolleys and boxes of stock in the shop, it clutters the shop and looks unsightly.

When restocking from the store use the small restock trolleys to move stock not customer trolleys.

Never stack excess stock on top of the rest of the stock. It makes the shop look overstocked and messy. Return it to the store.

Any stock must be checked against a supplier invoice and any missing product noted on the invoice and brought to your supervisors attention. Always sign and OK the bottom of each invoice or note any discrepancies so it is clear for office staff when it comes time to pay.

Every product that goes into stock should be clearly priced (except potting mixes, stakes etc.). Never leave used or mistake price stickers lying around the counter or floor. They stick to benches and floor areas and are very difficult to remove and clean up.

Ensure that all products from Danks go into stock the night they arrive and don’t leave any in the store. Leaving stock in the store often results in over ordering and damaged stock.

When possible restock directly from the pallets that come off the supplier trucks rather than putting them into the store. Decreased handling with help save money and prevent injuries

Aisles must always be clear and wide. Endcap displays must be off the ground and not spill into aisles.

At the end of any restocking shift ensure that all pallets are cleared from the shop and driveway. Ensure that all shelf labels are updated. Ensure that the shop aisles are swept and clear. Detail any products which are messy and put stock dumped by customers back in the correct spot. Clean the store and make sure that the there is enough room deliveries to be made (including pallets).

On the first Thursday night of every month a complete shelf tidy of the entire shop area must be completed before staff leave. This involves checking that all products are priced and the removal of products from shelves and wiping down of the shelves with a wet cloth.


Every product must be clearly priced to the amount specified on the ticket.

Reprice the products already on the shelf so all products have the same price as the price on the ticket.

Price all small products with a ticket on the top right hand corner.

Replace any Danks shelf talkers with new ones for any price changes. When you do replace Danks shelf labels ensure all the products on the shelf are priced at the new price. These labels should be thoroughly checked weekly and changed if necessary. Remove shelf labels that are incorrect (eg. price rise).


Make sure all products have tickets and the tickets are in good condition. Replace tickets if they are looking tatty.

You also have to sweep and clean the areas around and under the hardware displays.

If signage in the shop needs replacing see the area manager and inform them.

Never leave pallets lying around, people will trip over them. We have a lot of old customers who will seriously injure themselves. Pallets in the driveway should be lent up against the wall and removed with the forklift immediately. Similarly pallets in the shop area should be removed as soon as possible and kept to the side of aisles. Restocking in the shop during main trading hours should be avoided. When you have finished operating the forklift, always remove the key from the ignition and hang it on the hook above the driver’s head.

The main access aisle in the storeroom must be kept clear at all times to ensure the safety of all workers. Do not leave stock in this area and if you find stock in this area, move it. Keep the stairs in the store clear at all times. Clear any other potential safety hazards when you see them.

Pallets must be sorted into their labelled stacks every time they are taken to the yard, and not more than 15 pallets high. If there are more than 15 pallets, start a new pile in front of the full stack. Any irregular or broken non-return pallets should be crushed and put in the rubbish immediately.

After restocking sprinkler polypipe any excess pipe should be stored below Bruce’s office.

Concentrate when restocking irrigation parts as many parts can look the same. Make sure you price all parts that need pricing otherwise time is wasted by register staff as not all parts are recorded in the pricing book.

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