Gallery artworks sale and collection

Collecting fired pottery from a class

Firing costs will need to be paid. These are written on a note usually in the box with the pieces. Put through R3 as a ‘gifts’ item. The item will probably be in the container, (but they may be in classroom)

Exhibition Artworks

The following applies ONLY to exhibition pieces in the Bolin Bolin Gallery as a part of the current exhibition- not the garden Gallery, shop or outside areas.

1. Sale of Artworks
We generally want art works to stay in the exhibition until it ends, and to take a deposit or payment in full. Invoice process below to be followed

However, exceptions to this are:

· IF UNDER $40.00 (or other specified price point)·
· The last week of an exhibition
· Christmas exhibition,
· The artist is keen to replace sold works – there should be instructions for this
· We may lose the sale – check with Joe, Merri or manager if possible

In all of these cases, sell as a ‘gallery’ item through R3, but make a note next to the item number in the yellow folder that it has been paid for and taken away. You do not need to write an invoice if item is paid for and taken.

Gallery items Purchased and left in Exhibition

Always use R4

These pieces can only be taken once exhibition is finished.

1. Purchasing a piece during the exhibition

· These art works must stay in the exhibition until it ends. Take a deposit or full payment and place a red sold sticker on the item. Include invoice number on sticker. Make sure red sticker will not fall off and is easy for customers to see

2. Write up an invoice.

· The invoice needs to go through R4 and be written up in the red book. Write up the invoice for the full amount and print out. Hand write on the invoice how much deposit has been paid, and the date the art work can be collected (you can also use the stamp, and fill in the blanks). Photocopy this and give one copy to the customer and one goes in the yellow folder. In the yellow folder is a list of the previous exhibition works (because some will still be held for collection) and the current exhibition pieces, make a note next to the piece of the invoice number and amount paid.

Collecting a piece once exhibition is finished

· Ask for invoice*, Collect outstanding amount (if any) owed on the piece and put transaction through R4, writing it up in both the red book and the yellow nursery folder. On our copy of the invoice, write that the account is fully paid and the piece has been taken. File in the yellow folder.

· Finding the pieces: Check the gallery container, they will generally be on the shelves closest to the door. If really large, they may be in the shop. If exhibition has just finished they may still be in gallery

*Invoice: If they do not have their invoice, get their details and check for a paper copy of the invoice in the yellow folder. If you cannot find that either, then go into MYOB for the invoice.

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