Running an Exhibition

How to Run an Exhibition

date,- theme, artists etc.
· It is best to work out a flexible exhibition program for either a year or 2, or at least a few months ahead.
· For solo exhibitions most artists would generally need a minimum of 6 months notice, or more.
· If an artist is keen to exhibit and has suitable work, try to work out the best time in the program – other exhibitions, any seasonal factors, or if for group exhibitions which other works, themes, is complementary to.
· Group exhibitions. Best to give quite a bit of notice, but can contact up to a few weeks ahead if a smaller body of work is needed.
· Themes – If you have a few good artists work out a theme which will suit them (don’t work out a theme which you can’t think of any work to exhibit, Tie in with other events eg Banyule Festival; Seasonal, eg gifts at Christmas, garden work for spring. Links can be media, theme/subject, eg animals, function, eg bird baths, association, colour.
· Check that dates don’t clash with other nursery events.
· Suitable openings, demonstrations etc.
Organise artists At least 1 month before
Send artists details 1 month before
Organise demonstrations, entertainment at opening etc if required.
Design Invitations
Invitations copied
Envelopes prepared (Address labels, Bulleen Art & Garden stamp)
Update Mailing List
Mail out to Media by 1st March
Prepare invitations 6 – 9 March
Mail out invitations by 9th March.
Delivery of work Mon, Tues 13 & 14 March
Set up exhibition. Weds, Thurs 15 &16 March
Organise food/ drink for opening
Exhibition Ready by .

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