EFT Errors

If the EFT Machines are playing up there are a few things to try before calling NAB.

1 – Restart each terminal that isn’t working by holding down the Function and Clear (yellow) keys together. This will shut the terminal down. To restart it, simply press the green ‘Enter’ key.

2 – If the terminal still isn’t working after a reset, pres Function 102 then hit Enter. This will disconnect the terminal from NAB then reset and re-connect it. It will take a few minutes to do this, and will print out two things during this process about a minute or so apart. The final print should say ‘LOGON SUCCESS’ at the bottom.

3 – If your second print does not say ‘Logon Success’… you can try to use Function 103 then hit Enter. This should log the terminal on.

If the terminals are still not working after trying all of these steps you will need to call NAB.

NAB Merchant Services: 1300 369 852
Our Merchant ID: 3833472

Terminal IDs
R2: M3LR89
R3: M3LR90
Y1: M3LR91
Y2: M3MP27