Staff Holiday Requests

Fill in the form below to put in a request for holidays (or single days off). In the form, please note the start and finish dates and any other relevant information (eg uni exams)

This is a request only. No holidays are to be considered approved until you have been told by management.

Holidays are to be taken in Off-Peak periods. (Second week of January, all of February, May, June, July and early August) Peak Trading times vary in different areas of BAAG. In peak times for your area holidays will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Peak times include: April & July (stocktake), Late September, October & November (peak trading), December (Christmas to New Year is also peak)

BAAG Holiday Policy

1. We encourage staff to take holidays as soon as they are entitled to them, even if it is only a few days.
2. Taking LEAVE WITHOUT PAY is an option available in slow times or if you wish to extend a break.