Updated 29th May 2006

Job Description Cleaner

The job of cleaner will require work for approximately three hours twice a week cleaning and tidying, as required Tuesday and Friday. This may vary as required. As a member of the Bulleen Art & Garden staff you are expected to be flexible and be prepared to do additional tasks as required. You must be prepared to move things to get in to clean corners, etc.

Basic Tasks

Lunchroom Cleaning

· Wash down tables, benches and sink
· Sweep and wash floors
· Empty rubbish bins
· Clean microwave and other electrical appliances
· Clean fridge
· Tidy magazines and journals
· Keep supply of clean tea towels
· Keep supply of soap and other cleaning products

· Clean lunchroom windows
· Wipe cupboards, doors and door handles
· Defrost fridge

Toilet Cleaning
· Sweep and wash floors
· Replace soap and toilet paper
· Disinfect door handles
· Clean toilets and hand basins
· Remove newspapers and other papers

· Wash down walls and doors

Office Cleaning

· Empty rubbish bins
· Sweep and wash floors (ensure all computer terminals, keyboards and photocopier are covered)
· Clean all desktops
· Wipe down photocopier
· Wipe and disinfect all phones

· Clean windows
· Dust all surfaces and shelves.

Any cleaning in the shop area and the gallery should only be done on request.

Environmental Policy

In an effort to create as green an organisation as possible we expect you to use the least environmentally damaging products feasible. If you have any ideas on alternative cleaning methods that are friendlier to the environment, do not hesitate to mention it to your supervisor.

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