Bookshop Manager

Bookshop Manager – Position Description and Objectives
Updated 7th June 2010 by Paul McMorran

Reports to: CEO

Bulleen Art and Garden aims to become a resource to the local community, educating people on issues of sustainability. As the bookshop manager your role is critical in providing our customers with the literature that is required to assist them to take the next step forward in becoming more sustainable in the everyday lives.
General Guidelines

The bookshop is an area that is continually evolving, the product range needs to be adjusted accordingly to ensure that we remain in touch with the most up to date information available.

There are very few restrictions in the range of titles that you can source for the bookshop, however, it is expected that the range reflects the values of Bulleen Art and Garden, enhancing any of the messages that we are trying to purvey throughout the centre.

We attempt to maintain a locally focused range of books where possible. Preference is given to books which are seasonally appropriate to Victoria rather than the northern hemisphere. For some topics this is not as critical so common sense should be shown when selecting titles.

The quality of the content is more important than the glossiness of the book. We try to provide our customers with value for money options in the book section with high quality locally relevant content.

The shop area creates a range of challenges when it comes to stocking, merchandising and selling books. It is important that you keep a close eye on the state of the bookshop to ensure that losses are maintained to minimal levels. This is particularly the case in winter when the books are easily damaged due to the high levels of moisture in the air. It is important to rationalise the range at this time of the year and protect the books in stock as much as possible from damage while still creating an area that is well merchandised and provides our customers with an acceptable range.

We are happy keep slower moving books as a part of the range if they strongly tie in with the overall objectives of the nursery, when it comes to these types of titles we are happy to take calculated risks and make the necessary investments as to provide our customers with the range that we desire.

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